Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, my job is to help the couple see themselves and their relationship clearly – allowing them to better decide how they want to live and be as a couple. The purpose of couples therapy is not to keep the couple together at all costs. It is to bring clarity to the relationship as a whole.

Family Therapy

My role as a family therapist is to help the entire family to understand the causes of their difficulties and to help them to change productively. I use a systems approach in my work with families which examines the context, experiences, ideas, patterns, and interactions operating in the family and between its members. The goal is to help family members to see and experience themselves and each other in ways that allow for better family functioning.

Clinical Consultation

I provide clinical case consultation in couples and family therapy to psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and clinical social workers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and eastern New York state. My goal is to understand you, and how you work as a clinician, and to provide formulations and ideas helpful to your therapeutic work.

My Clinical Training, Experience, and Approach

Therapy is a process of discovery, meaning, choice, and action. It is a discovery of what is not understood or recognized, and a process of identifying the meaning that is learned and created through life experiences. Therapy is an opportunity to make choices about what is important in life. It provides a means for considering alternative ways to live in the world and with others. My therapeutic approach focuses on how each person understands and experiences themselves, other people in their life, and the context they find themselves in. Continue reading “My Clinical Training, Experience, and Approach”